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QuinnAir is a family-owned heating and air conditioning company in Lakewood, CO. We're fully licensed, insured and accredited with the BBB. Also, we were voted the "Best of the Best" in the community for 2015. We treat every job as if we were working on our own homes and our technicians hold themselves to the highest performance standards. Because we care about the environment, we also recycle old equipment at scrap yards instead of just dumping it in landfills.

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We pride ourselves in a diverse portfolio of services to accommodate any Air Conditioning or HVAC requirements. A family managed and owned organization who employs the highest quality, NATE certified technicians. Our products and services and both certified and backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. We also offer $2,000+ in rebates on select Air Conditioner installations, as well as other promotional offers.  See SPECIALS page for more information.




We install window units, mini split systems, evaporative coolers, and central Air Conditioning systems. A central A/C system is the usual choice of most customers, and its installation involves three pieces.

  • The outdoor compressor unit compresses refrigerant gas into a liquid and cools it.
  • An evaporator coil takes heat out of the air with its aluminum coils and fins, and..
  •  The furnace's blower motor circulates warm air over the evaporator coil and cool air into the home's interior.



$100 OFF


We install furnaces that come with standard blower motors and high-efficiency blower motors or ECM motors. The standard blower motor costs less than the ECM blower motor, but a furnace with a high-efficiency motor also saves the customer money on energy costs. We estimate the extra cost of an ECM motor will be paid back over two or three years due to energy savings. An ECM motor uses about 1/3 the electricity a standard motor consumes, and other benefits it offers include improved air circulation, rebates from local sources, and quieter operation. Our knowledgeable professionals can help you choose the right type of furnace for your home and budget.



We install two types of boilers, and we'll help you choose the right one for your needs and budget. Traditional gas boilers are 80% efficient and made of cast iron; high-efficiency or condensing gas boilers are 90% to 98% efficient. Customers sometimes prefer a condensing gas boiler in order to save on gas bills and reduce the impact on the environment. When we install your boiler, we'll provide a quality assurance certification for your peace of mind. In addition to installations, we offer repair and maintenance services for boilers.

1. Traditional 80% Efficient Gas Boilers (usually cast iron)

Typically the original Boilers in most homes are going to be 80% efficient, cast iron gas boilers.


2. High Efficiency 90%-98% Efficient Gas Boilers, (AKA Condensating Boilers)

Many people choose to upgrade to a more efficient Boiler to save on the amount of gas usage; as it is good for the environment and to save on their energy bill.

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