Why Your Air Conditioner Freezes-Up?

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Common Reasons Why Your A/C is Freezing 

One of the first things you do when your A/C unit is not doing its job is to find out what is wrong with it. You go outside to see why it is not cooling correctly and discover that the outside unit of your A/C is freezing up into a solid block of ice. Regardless of the kind of air conditioner, most cases of air conditioner freezing can be caused by several reasons:

Low Level of Refrigerant 

A deficit of refrigerant level is never good news. Refrigerant is critical to cool your home and leaks in the lines that transport this precious chemical can lead to issues like frozen A/C in the middle of summer. Make sure to contact professionals to address the issue.

Reason Why Your A/C is Freezing

Not Enough Air Flow

When your air filter holds an excessive amount of dirt, debris, and other particles, it interrupts the flow of air. As a result, your air conditioner can freeze. 

Defective Blower Motor 

If the blower motor is not running correctly, it will cause your A/C to freeze-up. You will know if the blower motor is defective when the outside portion of your cooling unit is working, but the indoor part of the system is not functioning at all. 

As with any other A/C problem, air conditioner freezes can be prevented with basic regular maintenance tasks. Experts in the field recommend changing the filter in the cooling unit at least biweekly. You should also consider an alternative to cooling your home without running the A/C unit. In this way, you will reduce the stress on the appliance. You can turn it off and open up your windows if the nighttime temperature is forecasted to drop below 60°F. 

Stay tuned for more tips to keep your house cool without an AC. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repairs 

At Quinnair, we service all types of HVAC problems for residents and business settings, including A/C freeze-ups. We know that the summers in Colorado brings its challenges to your HVAC system and respond quickly for HVAC repair.

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