Best A/C & Heating Systems For An Efficient Cozy Home

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Most residential property owners in Colorado get an air conditioning system installed on their property. The right system offers a more comfortable indoor environment during the summer months. We at QUINNAIR Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. handle the installation of different types of residential HVAC systems, and our team is here to guide your choices.

When you start to research the types of air conditioning systems available on the market, you will find a variety of brands selling different types of systems. So which residential heating system would be best suited to your family’s needs? Here is some basic information that will help:

Types Of AC And Heating Systems

  • Daikin A/C

    Enjoy a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

    Central HVAC System- This provides whole-house comfort from a single air conditioning system. Most residences have these systems that help to cool and heat the indoor areas via ducting. These are energy-efficient and can be zoned to provide more comfort and energy-efficiency.

  • Ductless Mini-Split System– This unit is similar to central systems in some ways. However, it is installed only for one room and cools just that one. It will have an outdoor and indoor unit that provides cooling. You can install one mini-split to cool each room or area in your home. This gives you the flexibility to cool a particular place without having to worry about the energy being wasted on cooling or heating other areas.
  • Window A/C- These units are fitted to the window in the room that needs air conditioning. They are available in different sizes and capacities, and you can choose one based on the room you want to air condition. 
  • Wall Mounted A/C-These are similar to the window units. However, they are fitted to the walls rather than the windows.
  • Swamp Cooler- Also called evaporative coolers, these units cool the air very differently than the other system. They have damp pads that help in cooling the air that flows through them and do not contain any refrigerant.
  • Portable A/C- These small air conditioners are similar to wall/window units, but can be moved from one room to another. They have a flexible duct that connects the indoor unit to the exteriors either through a wall, window, or door.

The central and mini-split systems are the most widely used for residential cooling and heating. They are energy-efficient, and when you opt for systems of the best brands, they come with excellent warranties. We provide high-grade air conditioning services and can install the type of system you need.

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