Best Place to Install a New Thermostat

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Where in Your Home Should the Thermostat be Installed?

Your thermostat is a crucial player in your home’s comfort. It controls the heating system to adjust the temperature inside your home. Further, the place where you install it could impact the accuracy of the thermostat reading and the HVAC system efforts to keep your home warm. If your thermostat is giving you erroneous temperature readings, it will alter the heating efficiency at the expense of your pocket and comfort. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow our HVAC experts tips to keep your home warm during wintertime without paying more on energy bills.

Best Place to Install a ThermostatPlaces to Avoid Putting Your Thermostat

An interior wall, preferably near the center of the house, is optimal to install a thermostat. Also, when determining where to place your new thermostat, consider which rooms occupants use most.

Places to Avoid Putting Your Thermostat

The location you select to place your thermostat will affect the heating efficiency of your device and your energy bills. Installing a thermostat in a spot that receives direct sunlight will lead to less efficient heating and higher energy bills.

Do not install your thermostat in the following places: above air vents, locations in the kitchen, hallways, by windows or doors, or places where it will be directly exposed to the sun rays and other elements.

If your furnace or HVAC system is not doing its job correctly, evaluate the placement of your thermostat, and determine whether its location is the root cause of the problem. If it is in the wrong place, hire HVAC professionals to install your thermostat in a more appropriate location.

HVAC Experts in ColoradoHVAC experts

If you need assistance, installing a new thermostat, your local professional can help relocate your thermostat and make your home comfortable again. For all of your HVAC needs, contact the Quinnair today at (720) 634-2313.

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