How to Clean Your A/C Condenser Coils

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Condenser Coil Cleaning Tips

Your air conditioning unit is made of several essential components. One of the most important are the condenser coils. You can find these coils within the outdoor component of your device. The condenser coils work hand in hand with the evaporator coil to perform the cooling cycle. And, as with any other part of your A/C unit, those coils need to be cleaned to operate efficiently. Our experts in HVAC system maintenance have put together a simple way for you to clean the condenser coils quickly and easily.

Check the State of the Coils

A/C unit maintenance tips,Visually inspect the coils to determine if there is any noticeable damage. If you find imperfections, we highly suggest contacting your local air conditioning professional for help.

Remove Impurities

Use a coil brush to remove any debris such as excessive leaves, tall grass, and any other foreign items that can hinder your cooling unit functionality.

Straighten the Coil Fins

For performing this task, you will need a fin comb. If you spot bent fins, use an adjustable fin comb to return them to their original position. Also, with this tool, you will be able to remove hard-to-reach debris in between tight crevices.

Apply a Foam Cleaner

Wet the coils with your garden hose carefully. Next, spray some foaming coil cleaner onto the coils in a back and forth motion. Let the foam do its job for ten minutes. It will begin to foam and start grabbing contaminants. Finally, wash away the coil cleaner with water.experts in HVAC system

Maintaining your air conditioning system has never been so easy. Just follow the above tips to make A/C system perform at its best. For more A/C unit maintenance tips and tricks, check out our blog section.

Should you need your cooling system to be serviced by professionals, or need to buy an air conditioning unit, contact Quinnair in Colorado.

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