Fix Your Furnace And Avoid Another Cold Night

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Like any other appliance on your property, your furnace needs regular maintenance as well. Since these systems are largely required during the winter months, many people tend to neglect this aspect.

But it’s far better to be proactive with getting the unit serviced, rather than attempt to fix a broken furnace after something goes wrong with it. This approach will help to ensure that you don’t have to endure cold nights once winter sets in. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this.

How to Avoid Furnace breakdowns

Furnace repair

Avoid another cold annoying night fixing your furnace.

Get the system cleaned and inspected now. The last thing you want is for your furnace to malfunction in the middle of a snowstorm during winter. Over the months, neglect can lead to the build-up of dead insects, dust, and debris.

The grime that collects in the air filter can easily migrate to the blower motor, and this can cause the fuse to burnout due to overheating. If the fuse becomes covered with debris and soot, that breaks the connection and causes the component to fail.

Signs That You Need Furnace Repair Lakewood Colorado

  • These are the signs that your furnace is malfunctioning and needs repairs:
  • If some rooms in your house are much hotter than others, it indicates that the warm air distribution isn’t taking place correctly.
  • You hear popping, groaning, rattling, banging whining sounds from the furnace, which means you need to get the system inspected before the issues escalate and become costly to fix. The only typical sound is the one the system makes when it’s turning on and off.
  • If you find that the blower is switching off very frequently, it means the system isn’t functioning efficiently. If you are pressing “reset” too often, call in a technician without delay.
  • Excessively high energy bills with no other notable change in usage is another sign of the system that needs maintenance or repairs.
  • The quality of the indoor air has deteriorated, and you and your family members are facing breathing-related problems. It means the system is functioning poorly and is recirculating dust, mold, and other irritants.

If you have a broken furnace call in licensed HVAC contractors. They will inspect the system and determine whether furnace repair Lakewood Colorado will help to solve the issue or replacement would be a better option. 

In case your furnace unit is aging (more than 12 years old), it’s an excellent time to consider replacement of the system before it stops functioning entirely right in the middle of winter.

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