Four Air Conditioner Myths

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Don’t Believe these Air Conditioner Myths!

No one likes to waste money, especially on energy bills. However, there are things that many homeowners do with their A/C that will silently increase the energy bills. Worry not! Here are the 4 most common conditioner myths you need to stop believing.

Bigger Air Conditioner Provides Better Results

Air Conditioning units have a specific size according to the number of cubic feet they need to cool. That means that an A/C device rated for a larger space than you have will continuously turn off and on, reducing its life expectancy. Contrary, if it is rated for a smaller space than you have, the device will consume more energy to meet the demands of the thermostat, and wear out prematurely.

Save Money by Turning Off Your A/C

When you come home to an extremely hot house, your cooling machine has to consume more energy to cool the place down. Instead, increase the thermostat, to decrease the difference between the inside and the outside temperatures. That reduces your A/C’s workload, saving you energy and money. A programmable thermostat will help you with this task. With this air conditioner feature, you can control the temperature of the A/C system during different hours of the day, and when you are away.

A/C will Give You a ColdAir Conditioner Myths

Not washing your hands will definitely give you a cold. Running your A/C will only keep you cool during the hottest days of the year.

Setting the Thermostat Very Low will Cool Your Home Quickly

Lowering the temperature will not cool the house faster. Your air conditioner works equally hard whether you are trying to cool your home or office by 2 degrees or 16 degrees. Getting to the temperature you want is just a matter of time. Doing it will only increase your energy bill if you forget to change it.

Make sure your air conditioner is ready to get to work. If you have questions about how to save on energy bills or need to purchase a new air conditioner, contact Quinnair. We are a trusted HVAC contractor in Colorado.

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