Why Consider Using a Heat Pump Water Heater

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An Energy-Efficient Heating Device

A heat pump water heater (HPWH), is an appliance that moves the heat from one place to another by using a small amount of energy. Contrary to other types of water heaters that generate heat directly.

If the environment is a concern, you should know that this device gives you the means to use renewable energy sources while decreasing your carbon footprint.

Types of Heat Pump Water Heaters

There are two main types of heat pump water heaters:

All-in-One Units

types of water heatersThe tank and the compressor are both placed together and installed outside your home.

Split Systems

The tank goes inside your home while the compressor is installed outside. Keep in mind that if you already have a hot water tank, you don’t have to get a new one.

Reasons to Install a Heat Pump Water Heater

  • It uses ‘’clean energy’’ while reducing energy bills.
  • It uses less energy than an ordinary electric cylinder.
  • Works in places where solar water heaters fail.
  • Long lifespan. A heat pump usually works for 20 years or more.
  • It can also give you “central heating.” Plus, it has a water storage tank which helps balance the grid when energy demand spikes
  • It can also be used to heat a hot tub, a spa or a swimming pool at a better cost than a regular electric heater.

Does this sound appealing to you? Quinnair in Colorado offers the best brands of heat pump water heaters like Trane, Amana, American Standard, Carrier, Hydrotherm, Rheem, among many others. Our experienced technicians can easily install this device in your home. Call us at (720) 634-2313 for more useful information and professional assistance in finding the perfect heating system for your Coloradan home.

Wait no more, get a heat pump water heater and improve your property’s energy efficiency today!

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