Heat Water Efficiently with a Tankless Water Heater

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Reasons to Use a Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater, also called “on demand” unit, is an alternative appliance to traditional tank water heaters. It heats water only when you need it. The main benefit is that it eliminates the additional cost of keeping 40 to 50 gallons of water hot in a storage tank, therefore, you waste less energy. Plus, this amazing device takes up little space in your house as it is more compact than a conventional water heater and can be easily mounted on a wall. Here are more advantages of using a tankless water heater.

Continuous Hot Water

Unlike a traditional water heater, a tankless heater does not rely on reserve water hot water in a tank. Contrary, it is designed to effortlessly deliver continuous hot water (up 5 to 7 gallons of hot water per minute) which makes it convenient for your family.

Long-lasting and Convenientnavien tankless water heater

An on-demand unit can last up to 20 years and its compact size (about 1/5 the size of a traditional tank unit) means that it can be fixed anywhere in the house.

Energy Efficient

A tankless water heater uses 30 to 50 percent less power than units with tanks, saving you significant amounts of money on energy bills while lowering your impact to the environment.

Safe and Clean

Over time, a tank water heater rusts, so it will deliver rusty water which will not only have an unpleasant taste and color but will cause health problems. You will never have to deal with this issue when you install a tankless water heater. With an on-demand system, you get clean water that is safer to bathe with and to drink.

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