How to Hide Your Wall Air Conditioner Unit

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Best Way to Hide Air Conditioner Units

A wall-mounted air conditioner is an appliance that is installed in a box frame. This receptacle protects the machine from the elements. However, it can be perceived as an obstacle inside a room; you would like to keep out of sight. Just be careful not to impede the airflow so your cooling device can maintain its proper operation when you need it the most. Here are some useful tips to cover your A/C unit inside the house.

Hang Curtains Over the Unit

wall-mounted air conditioning

Hung an extended curtain rod in the room where your unit is located. This type of curtain will slightly move when the A/C is turned on so the airflow won’t be interrupted.


You can conceal the unit by surrounding it with shelving. This convenient structure allows you to put things like books, magazines or even small plants on the shelves surrounding the appliance, preventing it from standing out.

Use Dressing Panels

Besides disguising it with curtains, you can also place dressing panels in front of your cooling device. You can move the panels when the air conditioner is running. Dressing panels are folding items that can be easily placed off to the side without occupying much space.

Use Potted Plants

Place some potted plants around the box frame to make it unperceivable while decorating your room with nice plants.

Now that you know how to cover your indoor air conditioner check out our blog with tips for hiding your air conditioner when it is outdoors.

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