Prepare Your HVAC System for Summer

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HVAC Spring Maintenance Checklist

Springtime opens a window of opportunities for decluttering activities, gardening, and other home maintenance tasks. Your HVAC is no exception. To get your HVAC system prepared for summer, here are some spring maintenance tips.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

HVAC Spring Maintenance ChecklistA dirty, clogged filter will not only diminish the indoor air quality but, on hottest days of the year, it will make the A/C work harder, which results in a higher electricity bill. Clean or replace the filter, depending on the type you have, to improve the HVAC output and decrease allergy symptoms for those in your home or office.

Clean and Seal the Ducts

Cleaning is always good. A dirt-free duct is a synonym of good indoor air quality. We highly suggest hiring professionals in the field, to clean the ducts at least every five years. Experts not only will clean the ducts but will ensure to seal them properly to avoid air flow from escaping through cracked, worn ducts.

Clean Around the Unit

Making sure the outside parts are clean is as important as making sure the inside parts are in top condition. Keep your unit clear of things that may interfere with its performance. Prune back bushes and trees, remove overgrown foliage, trash or other things that could have accumulated around the condenser unit.Thermostat Upgrade

Thermostat Upgrade

Consider changing your old, manual thermostat to a programmable thermostat upgrade. This device will allow you to control the temperature of your rooms regardless of the time of the day or whether you are home or not. Plus, smart models offer energy savings by learning your unique schedule, self-correcting, and providing energy tips and reports.

Take advantage of the Spring season to get your HVAC prepared for Summer.

Schedule an HVAC Tune-up and Safety Inspection

Setting a professional cooling and heating system tune-up will increase energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements. By hiring an HVAC contractor to service your system regularly, you can rest assured it will provide you and your family a higher efficiency and a healthier environment. Contact Quinnair in Colorado to speak with an HVAC expert.

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