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Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier: Which One is Best for You?

Both devices are built to help you improve the air quality inside your home. When the humidity levels are balanced, you and your family will breathe healthier air. That will lessen the risk of suffering from allergies and other respiratory ailments like asthma and chest congestion. Plus, your house will not suffer damages from inadequate humidity percentages. Let’s check in more detail which one of these two appliances is best for you.


If the air in your home is too humid (above 50% humidity), a dehumidifier works to take moisture out of the air. You may use this type of appliance when you:

install dehumidifier

  • Find mold growing on walls and ceilings.
  • Feel sticky and uncomfortable inside the home during summer.
  • Notice your home is a hotel for carpenter ants, termites, and wood destroying beetles.


If the air in your home is dry (below 35% humidity), a humidifier helps to add moisture to the air by releasing water vapor throughout the room, increasing the humidity level in your home. Install a humidifier when you:install humidifier

  • Find yourself watering plants more often.
  • Experience dry, itchy eyes, dry skin, and chapped lips; then you need a humidifier.
  • Spot cracks on wood beams, plaster, and leather furniture.

Your goal should be to maintain an average humidity level within 35 to 45 percent. This will ensure the most comfortable and healthy indoor air quality, while also protecting the structural integrity of your house from damage caused by excessive dryness or humidity.

Portable dehumidifiers and humidifiers can do wonders but require a lot of upkeep, and you may need to put several throughout your home. At Quinnair we offer an alternative solution, whole-home dehumidifiers & humidifiers. These units are installed as part of your home HVAC system. The unit will automatically control and adjust the humidity level in your home based on outdoor and indoor temperatures. With automatic control, you will always know what humidity level is in your home, and enjoy peace of mind that it’s being maintained correctly.

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