How to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Using Indoor Air Quality Devices

You don’t have to live with an uncomfortable feeling or unhealthy air in your Colorado home. Whether you are having trouble regulating the indoor air humidity or it is lacking fresh air or ventilation, there are methods and devices you can use to improve your indoor air quality. Here are the main three devices that will help achieve comfy and healthier conditions.

Air Cleaners

Air CleanersWhen the source of poor indoor quality is in the air circulating through your home, an air cleaner can help. This device does what it says, cleans the air. To do its job, the air captures airborne pathogens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, smoke, and other contaminants.


You can use a ventilator to bring outdoor air into your home and expel stale, indoor air. Using a ventilator ensures you always have adequate air exchange which eliminates that stuffy feel.


Frequently, when temperatures are colder outside your home, some HVAC systems work harder to maintain comfortable humidity levels indoors. A whole-home humidifier will add moisture to the air via either by steam or water vapor. Since these devices move the air throughout your home, you can rest assured that they will provide healthy, humidified air to every room.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

This type of alarm helps you detect an ‘’invisible’’ thread to your health. Carbon monoxide is a gas that has no odor and it is tasteless, that in excess causes illness and poisoning. With an alarm specially designed to safely detect this poisonous gas, you will keep your family safe.

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