How to Improve Your Office Air Quality

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Improving the Air Quality in Your Office 

Spring is a beautiful time to live in Colorado, but for allergy sufferers, it can be a challenging season as these months of the year bring in some factors that may increase respiratory problems. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your office indoor air quality and breathe easier at work. 

Control Office Humidity Level and Temperature 

The humidity level and the temperature in an office has a significant impact on the comfort level of the occupants. If the office is too hot, cold, wet, or drafty, you may experience a reduction in employee productivity. Keeping these two factors will help improve indoor air quality, hence boosting the morale and productivity of your collaborators. 

Increase Ventilation 

improve the indoor air quality of your officeRather than using “air fresheners” that tend to emit volatile organic compounds, try to increase the amount of ventilation in and around the office space. In this way, you will ensure a steady flow of good quality air. Open the windows, and you will see an improvement immediately! 

Perform Regular and Thorough Cleaning  

Cleaning is always good. Not only your office will look and smell good, but it will have a significant impact on the air quality around your area. Remove dust and other foreign particles. And, don’t forget to clean any spots of your office that have the potential for mold growth like the computers, equipment, HVAC systems, and the vents. 

Reduce Indoor Pollutants 

Pollutants inside an office include cigarette smoke, emissions from machinery, and fragrances. Take the corresponding actions to keep these pollutants out of your working space or reduce them as much as possible. For instance, you can put machinery that emits emissions in a separate space that is well ventilated. Designate an outdoor smoking area, if possible.

Should you need equipment to improve the indoor air quality of your office, contact Quinnair in Colorado. We carry the best brands of HVAC equipment in the area. 

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