Indoor Air Quality: Running Your HVAC Fan in Summer

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When to Use Your HVAC Fan Setting

The main job of an HVAC fan is to circulate air throughout your home. To do this, most systems offer Auto and On fan settings. When the fan is set to On, it blows continuously all the time. The Auto mode makes the fan only blow when the air conditioner is doing its job. Why is this important? Since the fan setting can significantly impact the indoor air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home, here is when to use your HVAC fan settings.

Run the Fan When You’re Not Home

Leaving the air conditioner running while you are not home will cost you money on energy loss. Instead, you can run the fan to keep your house from getting stuffy. Continuous airflow helps with temperature and humidity level regulation within homes. You can install a programmable or a smart thermostat to schedule your fan to run for a pre-set number of hours.HVAC Fan Settings

Filter the Air Several Hours a Day

Running your fan manually during allergy season will help ease symptoms like a dry throat, a persistent cough, or a runny nose. Nowadays, some HVAC fans are specially designed to improve the air quality in your home as they filter the air coming into your home. Running the fan a few hours each day can result in significant health improvements.

Reduce Start-Up Stress Year Round

When the temperatures are extremely hot, your HVAC system must run hard to balance the interior temperature in the whole house. The fan pushes cool air throughout the building so that it reaches every room. As a result, start-up stress on your system is greatly reduced, which can extend the life of some units.

If you need experts to check out your heating and cooling system or clean your filter, contact Quinnair. We can help you determine when to use your HVAC fan setting and maximize energy efficiency in your Colorado home.

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