Install A New HVAC System And Reduce Your Energy Bill

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HVAC Lakewood, CO systems of the best brands, have a service life of about 10 years. If you maintain the system well and address minor issues on time, the units can last for longer than that too. However, there are times when misuse, disuse, overuse or neglect can cause various issues in air conditioning units.

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary repairs and get the best return on investment in your unit is to opt for regular maintenance by professionals that offer HVAC Lakewood, CO services. They will inspect the system at least once each year, and assess it for function while looking out for potential faults.

Fixing minor faults on time can save you a significant amount of time and money in the long term. It’s also crucial that you call in licensed HVAC technicians as soon as you notice any signs of trouble in it.

Signs of an Old or Failing System

Enjoy a good HVAC system

Catching in time your HVAC wearing signs will keep down your energy bill.

Some of the common signs of a failing and/or old system include:

  • No heating or cooling at all could be an indication of a refrigerant leak or compressor failure
  • Inadequate cooling or heating
  • Inconsistent cooling/heating in various areas (cold/hot pockets)
  • The air conditioning unit is making grinding, grating or squealing sounds
  • You detect a foul odor coming from the AC vents
  • Moisture or condensation around the outdoor unit could indicate a refrigerant leak

If you have noticed any of these signs in your air conditioning unit, call in the experts without delay. They will inspect the system and let you know whether repairs or replacement would be a better option. If your system is over 10 years old and is showing significant signs of deterioration, replacement may be a more feasible option. 

Get a New HVAC system and Reduce Your Energy Bills

Today, there are many new AC systems on the market with higher energy star ratings. These are more energy-efficient, which helps to reduce your energy bills. You can also get smart thermostats installed to boost this aspect even further.

If you are investing in a central HVAC system, you can consider getting one that has zoning functionality. This will allow you to control which areas of your home to cool or heat; again, this saves you money on energy bills. Contact a reliable company to fulfill your new HVAC system requirement.

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