How to Integrate a Mini-Split Unit into Your Home Décor?

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Integrating a Mini-Split Unit into Your Home Décor

Just like any other HVAC unit, your mini-split air conditioning is an indispensable appliance for your home comfort. However, this device presents a different set of challenges than a ducted system. A mini-split is often added as an afterthought. But worry not! There are ways you can integrate your cooling unit into your home décor and design without compromising the aesthetics. Here are some ideas on how to make the unit look natural.

Use Eye-Catching Objects

Try using eye-catching elements to redirect the observer’s vision to another object such as striking wall color or artwork, interesting lamp, or even a water feature that will draw the eye away from the unit.

Hide the Unitinstall your air conditioning unit

Before installing your mini-split unit, consider several locations according to the room’s architecture and different ways you can hide it without affecting its performance. You can install it above a doorway, especially in tight spaces with limited wall space, over your bed or above an armoire or a bookcase, to mention a few.

Paint The Wall

One of the best strategies of making the unit feel like part of the décor is painting your wall to match your mini-split. But don’t do it the other way around, do not paint the mini-split itself; instead, purchase a model with a color of your preference and get the paint to match.

Disguise It Among Other Furniture

You can take advantage of an open bookcase or an entertainment unit. The idea is that the furniture serves for housing the appliance while making it feel like part of the décor.

Consult your HVAC specialist for more installation tips.

If you need to buy a mini-split unit or have any questions, call Quinnair at 303-980-3788. We will help you install your air conditioning unit. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our HVAC experts in Colorado.

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