How People Kept Cool Before Air Conditioners

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Life Before Air Conditioning

Can you imagine life without air conditioning? Well, before WW2 people did not have access to these cooling devices. So, to stay cool throughout the hottest months of the year, they had a few tricks.

Thick Walls

keep cool without acThe A/C machine invention made traditional architectural details and customs change. Before the existence of this amazing appliance, houses were built with thick walls. The materials included local stones or man-made bricks. Their thermal mass helped to block heat from the inside during the day and to keep in heat during the night.

High Ceilings

Back in the day, homes were constructed with a higher ceiling. The higher the ceiling, the more air ventilation, therefore most houses were much easier to cool.

Plant Deciduous Trees

Shaded areas are always cooler than those exposed to direct sunlight. This is a classic strategy for reducing the amount of sunlight reaching your house. Before the introduction of the A/C in domestic applications, people planted deciduous trees to the East and West elevations to help alleviate the indoor hot temperatures during summer.

Spent Time Outside

How People Kept Cool Before Air ConditionersDuring the late 1950s and early 1960s, folks used to go to the drive-in theater, where they parked their cars to enjoy a movie while escaping from those hot summer nights.

Also, the majority of houses had a front porch, where people chill on their own or visit a neighbor and relax there. On extremely hot nights, this spot represented a great place to rest in the evening and even sleep!

Fortunately, those days are gone, and now we can enjoy the cool luxury of air conditioning. Nowadays, there are many A/C brands and models that will cool any home. From mini-split systems to evaporative coolers and central air conditioning systems, Quinnair carries the best A/C brands in the area.

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