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How to Regulate Indoor Temperature with a Thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that regulates temperature on your behalf. Some models will turn heating and cooling units on and off or control the flow of a heat-transfer fluid to maintain a set temperature inside the room in which it is installed. Others will maintain a steady temperature that you set.

Types of Thermostats

When you are out in the market, you will find that there are lots of thermostats. To help you determine which is the thermostat that suits the heating and cooling set-up you already have, we will review the different types of thermostats.Manual Thermostat


Also known as a manual thermostat or mechanical thermostat, this allows you to change the temperature by pressing a button. It will stay at the temperature you have chosen until you shut it off manually. Most models come with a temperature up and down button, and a button to switch from cooling to heating, or off. In some cases, there will be LED display on the panel so you can see what temperature you have selected.


This type of thermostat will regulate temperature on its own. Other names are setback thermostats or clock thermostats. Once you set the digital program, the device will adjust the temperature according to the pre-set schedule. Thus, no manual adjustment is needed.

Touch Screen

The main appeal of a touch screen thermostat is that it doesn’t come with buttons on the main panel. This amazing feature eliminates the hassle of buttons and reduces the risk of messing up the settings. Another benefit of this thermostat is that you can access everything just by touching the screen.

Wireless Thermostatsetback thermostats

A wireless thermostat is one of the latest inventions. It allows you to access and control your HVAC system when you are not at home or in the office. And even though it is pricy, you can save money on electric and natural gas bills. This is because you can modify the pre-set values of your programmed temperature routine. This way you can control it as required if something unexpected comes up.

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