Risks of Neglecting Water Heater Maintenance

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What Happens When You Neglect Your Water Heater?

Just like with any other appliance, neglecting your water heater could cause problems. Here is a list of the possible consequences of leaving your water heater unattended.

Rusty Water

Traditionally, water heaters have a unique component called the sacrificial anode to keep the walls from corroding. When this part fails, the walls of the tank start to rust and sediment will accumulate in the bottom. As a result, the water will be contaminated. If this is the case, contact the water heater professionals to address the problem. The sediment should be removed by draining and flushing the tank. Then, replace the anode to prevent the rust accumulation from happening again.

Strange Noises

Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater should do its job without emitting any sound. If you hear booming or knocking sounds coming from your heating device, this can be a red flag that residue has settled in the foundation of the system. That means that your water heater will need more electricity or gas to heat your water, resulting in higher power bills and a less efficient water heater.

Home Damage Leaks

If you find water around your tank, it means that there is a leak. A leaking water heater increases the risk of having water damage to your home. Even a little hole can quickly expand and lead to costly damage to your floors, walls, and even furniture.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you have a water heater fueled by gas, you should be on top of the gas level. If the heater is left unregulated for long enough, carbon monoxide gas can leak into the home and poison you and your family. As an extra protection, you can install a CO detector and ensure there are no obstructions in the vent. Finally, perform annual maintenance to make sure there are no gas issues in your heater.contact the water heater professional

Don’t let this happen to you. Proper water heater maintenance can add up to five more years to the lifespan of the unit. Schedule maintenance with Quinnair specialists.

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