Tips for Staying Cool on Summer Nights

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Best Temperature for Sleeping Comfy in Summer

Summer nights don’t have to uncomfortable. If you are constantly sweating, this means that you may not have the temperature set correctly for a comfy night of rest. Worry not, here is a list of tips so you can keep your room temperature at a cool 65°F, which is the optimum temperature for sleeping.

Install a Modern Thermostat 

Programmable Thermostatprogrammable thermostat will decrease the temperature on your behalf, so you do not have to do it yourself. 

Take Water Before Bed 

There are two ways to take water. First, taking a warm shower will help you keep cool once you’re out of the shower. Your body will experience immediate evaporative cooling, which leads to lowering body temperature.

The second way is by drinking it — a glass of that precious liquid before going to sleep will cool your core body temperature.

Turn on Your Fans 

If you have a ceiling fan, take advantage ostay cool in summerf it. By turning it on, it will help to remove heat from your body.

Buy an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner 

If you have an old unit or have not bought an air conditioner yet, experts recommend buying ENERGY STAR®. When you see appliances with that sticker, all you need to understand is that the machine is energy efficient. So, this kind of A/C units will not only help you keep cool, but you will save in energy costs over the life of the device. 

With these tips, you can stay cool and survive hot summer nights. 

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