Things that Can Harm Your A/C Unit

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A/C Bad Habits to Avoid

Cooling appliances like central A/C systems or split systems are standard features of many peoples homes in Colorado. As the global temperature rises, these devices have become more than just a luxury but a necessity. Many families have opted to install an air conditioning unit to pass through the hottest days of the year with comfort – at least indoors. That is why we have compiled a list of things you should avoid doing so your unit will perform at its best when you need it the most.

Direct Heat From The Sun

Excessive exposure to the sunrays is not only bad for your skin but for your air conditioner. It is best to have the machine covered with curtains.

Long Hours of Usage

Leaving the air conditioner running forever, even when you are not home, the device can overheat, leading to a malfunction and eventual failure. Plus, if left unchecked, it can end up creating a fire.

Misusing Your Thermostat

a/c thermostatSetting a wrong temperature will lead to premature wear on your A/C system and increased energy bills. So, before you program the temperature, develop a plan that cools your home more while you are there, and less while you are away. If in doubt on how to use your thermostat or your home has an older unit that isn’t programmable, your trusted HVAC services company can help you with a new thermostat installation or programming so that you can prolong the lifetime of the A/C, reducing premature breakdowns.

Ignoring the Machine

The lack of service is one of the most common things that will cause your appliance to fail. A/Cs that are not regularly maintained will start to fail until they need to be replaced. By scheduling regular maintenance of not only your cooling unit but the whole HVAC system, will save you in the long run. Having your units cleaned and checked annually will help avoid any potential issues. Plus, annual service plans are well worth the money.

When it comes to the condition of your A/C system, you can count on the HVAC experts from Quinnair. Whether you need maintenance or want to buy a new cooling system, we can help. Call us at (720) 836-1907 to discuss your options.

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