Winter Energy-Saving HVAC Tips

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Winter Energy Efficiency Recommendations to Improve Home Comfort

Energy efficiency enables you to do more while using less energy. An efficient home is more than replacing outed light bulbs. Your HVAC system also impacts the amount of power consumed for keeping your home cozy and comfy during the holiday season. With that being said, here are some winter energy-saving HVAC tips.

Get A Home Energy Audit

Reach out to your utility company and request a home energy audit for free. Energy audits provide a clear view of the sources of high energy consumption in your home and the solutions to fix the problem. Following the audit recommendations will result in lower utility bills, along with an energy-efficient, comfortable and healthier home.

HVAC NATE-certified techniciansInvest in a Programmable Thermostat

This type of thermostat will automatically adjust the indoor temperature for you. It will reduce temperatures while you sleep, go to work, or travel, which will save on 15 percent on your annual heating bill.

Buy High-Efficiency HVAC Products

Energy efficiency means products designed to minimize waste. As a conscious homeowner, energy efficiency not only includes a smart home design and maintenance activities but also installing energy-efficient products. That is especially important during winter and summer when the temperatures go to extremes, and your HVAC system is working more often.

Winterize Your Home

Change, clean or upgrade your HVAC filter to help your HVAC system work at its best. Also, installing more insulation in your house will save energy costs as well as wrapping the water heater with insulation. Caulking and weather-stripping windows and doors will seal out cold air and help save on heating costs.

Work with HVAC Experts

Hire HVAC professionals to come and perform maintenance tasks to your equipment. Preventative maintenance offers the best way to improve your winter energy efficiency. Schedule an annual inspection to catch minor issues before extreme winter weather strikes. If you have not had your heating services inspected, then schedule a tune-up with the HVAC experts. Our technicians are NATE-certified. Call Quinnair at 303-980-3788 to start improving your home’s comfort.

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