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Consider Using a Heat Pump Water Heater

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Water Heater 101

There are several factors that will affect the life of a water heater. Variables such as water quality, usage, water pressure, temperature setting, maintenance and others will affect how long your water heater will safely deliver hot water to your home. The most common determinate for changing out a water heater, is age. Most people understand that a water heater operating beyond its expected lifespan is a gamble and that gamble can be quite costly if and when the water heater fails. There is a general consensus, within the industry that gas-fired, tank style, water heaters, should last between 8 and 12 years. Electric water heaters typically last a few years longer, with a range of 10 to 15 years.

Your water heater is likely the most used appliance in your home, so purchasing and maintaining the right hot water tank could mean the difference between a great start to your day or a rude awakening. Quinnair offers several brands of water heaters, including, A.O. Smith, Rheem, Navien, Rinnai, and Bradford White. Of course, if you have another preferred brand, we are happy to order and install whichever water heater best matches your family’s needs. Need a water tank repair? Quinnair can fix it! We keep our trucks well stocked with an assortment of replacement parts for all makes and models of hot water tank.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

  • High-Efficiency Water Heaters: According to the EPA, 25% of your gas consumption go toward the heating of your water. Reduce consumption and your gas bill by upgrading to a high-efficiency unit.
  • 6 or 8 Year Warranty: Depending on the model selected, your water heater will come with a standard 6 or 8-year warranty which covers the tank itself and all parts.
  • Same Day Water Heater Replacement: Never take another cold shower! Replace your worn out water heater today with fast, affordable service from Quinniar.