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Backflow Prevention

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Are you experiencing Backflow Issues?

Don’t let improper backflow certification or backflow installation give your building issues. Simply call up Quinnair Heating & Air Conditioning to handle all of your backflow related needs. The team has provided 19 years of hard work and innovation to residents all throughout Lakewood and surrounding Colorado communities. That’s how you know that you can rely on Quinnair to make you another satisfied customer in the books.

Why Backflow Is a Problem

You expect your water system to always provide clean and potable water. So does the team at Quinnair, which is why they work so hard to prevent backflow problems from occurring. Backflow is when the direction of water flow gets temporarily reversed and contaminated water ends up being pulled into the water system.

Inside of this contaminated water is often unsafe chemicals and other more organic pollutants. Luckily, most water systems take this into account and install special devices in the cross-connection areas where backflow is most likely to occur. These devices are meant to stop contaminated water from being mixed into the clean water supply.

How Backflow Devices Help

In order to prevent water supplies from becoming contaminated with dirty water, devices are installed which contain multiple check valves. These devices, known as backflow devices, isolation devices, reduced pressure zone devices, or containment devices, help to account for any sudden changes in pressure that cause backflow to occur. The valves provide a one-way flow to allow clean water through but keep contaminated water out.

Why Backflow testing is important

While backflow devices can help to prevent water contamination, they can only do so if they are annually inspected for any performance issues. Without going through the proper testing and certification, buildings can be given hefty fines by various water authorities. This is something that no one wants to experience, which is why you should call Quinnair Heating & Air Conditioning today.