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Central air conditioning is a convenient way to cool your entire home, especially if you already have a forced air system in place. In most cases, air conditioning can also be installed as a separate cooling system if your home has hydronic heat, with no existing ductwork. The professionals at Quinnair can design a new cooling system for you and your homes specific needs, or replace an old air conditioner with a quieter more efficient system.


  • The outdoor condenser unit with a compressor, as the name implies, compresses & cools the refrigerant gas into a liquid.
  • The indoor evaporative coil processes the refrigerant as it passes thru the series of aluminum coils and fins.
  • The coil is connected to either the furnace or an air handler, with a blower, that drives the air over the evaporative coil and circulates this cooled air thru the interior of the home.


Annual maintenance of your air conditioning system is recommended to keep your equipment operating at its peak efficiency level, ensure all components are functioning properly and refrigerant levels are balanced.

When scheduling a Spring Maintenance appointment with Quinnair, you’ll receive a complete checkup of your air conditioning system, paying special attention to all functioning parts and system performance, with tune-up tasks including:

  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check refrigerant pressures and balance
  • Charge system by adding refrigerant, (if needed extra fee applies)
  • Inspect all electrical connections and wiring
  • Inspect evaporator coil and clean, (if needed)
  • Inspect drain pan and clean, (if needed)
  • Clean out condensate drain
  • Check capacitors
  • Check Amp draw to compressor & condenser
  • Inspect condenser motor and fan
  • Inspect furnace blower motor and wheel
  • Replace furnace filter
  • Run and test air conditioning for proper function
  • Test Thermostat for proper function

An air conditioning system depends on good air flow for proper operation; so, in between your professional service appointments, there are routine maintenance procedures you can do to help keep your system operating smoothly. The first item is to make sure and change the furnace filter monthly, (a lot of people forget to do this in the spring & summer, as they think of the furnace only being needed for heat). Secondly, make sure your condenser has a minimum of one foot of clearance, all the way around, (avoid stacking yard tools & supplies too close) and keep the inner coil free of debris such as cottonwood fluff, by spraying the coil with the garden hose.*

*Caution – Before doing any maintenance to the air conditioner, turn off all power to the system at the breaker.