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Light Commercial

You can spend more than 40 hours each week at work — sometimes much more than that. To do the job well, your employees need to be comfortable doing it. This means your team deserves the right equipment to keep your building the proper temperature and to ensure you are receiving the highest indoor air quality possible.

At Quinnair, we provide light commercial heating and cooling services to give you the comfort you deserve. Nobody wants to spend hours in a building that is scorching hot or freezing cold and our services make sure all your tenants and employees are happy.

Rooftop Installations

When you choose Quinnair, we can install a combination of furnace and air conditioning units on top of your building. Rooftop units have many benefits — particularly when compared to ground units — such as saving space and keeping your unit from unwanted hands. Plus, with a combination unit, you don’t have to worry about installing and maintaining multiple systems. These roof-mounted units can contain all your heating and cooling needs, making repairs and maintenance a much smoother process.

Installing these light commercial units on the roof is simple. The placement is essential but the actual installation process is fast and easy. However, the installation of these units is not a DIY job. It is vital that professional technicians complete the installation process. If these systems are installed incorrectly, you will likely encounter many repairs and won’t receive the high-
quality air that certain products are designed to give you. But most importantly, if these units are installed wrong, it may mean they must work harder, resulting in even higher and unnecessary utility bills for you to pay each month.

Rooftop Repairs and Replacements

In addition to installing rooftop units, Quinnair will repair and replace units, helping ensure all tenants of your building receive high-quality indoor air. Rooftop units battle countless harsh elements throughout the year including direct exposure to the sun, snow, rain, and wind. It is vital that these systems are well maintained and repairs are made immediately to keep your tenants cool and the air comfortable inside your commercial building.

At Quinnair, an experienced and trained technician will look at your unit, perform all required maintenance, and conduct repairs as soon as possible. We don’t want you or your employees to feel uncomfortable as you crunch those deadlines.

If units need to be replaced, we will use a crane to pull of an old unit and drop in a new one. It can be a fast and simple process with little disruption to your normal business tasks.

When you choose Quinnair, you choose only the best to help you have efficient, high-quality, and comfortable air in your commercial business. We use only the best products, supplies, and brands, like Trane, to help you work in the most comfortable environment. If you want to make a difference in the quality of air in your business, call us today. We are committed to providing you with the best products, service, and indoor air possible.