swamp cooler

Evaporative Systems

There is no reason you and each member of your family must be hot and miserable throughout the long summer months. You simply need to find the right cooling system for your lifestyle, home, and budget. An evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is a great way to stay cool without extensive installation and a large price tag.

Why Choose an Evaporative Cooling System

As the name suggests, these products can cool down areas in your home by evaporating water. For these products to work, a pump located inside the unit pumps water to a cooling pad. Another fan pulls the outside warm air into the system and it travels through this cooling pad, which evaporates the water and cools the air down.

Cleans your air

If you want cleaner, fresher air, evaporative cooling systems should be at the top of your list. As the air moves through these pads, it removes dust and allergens from the air. These products also add more moisture to the air, a definite benefit for many individuals who may suffer from dry skin during the summer months.

Saves on Electricity

Plus, if you are worried about high electricity use and large utility bills from your air conditioning unit each summer, a swamp cooler is ideal. This type of system uses significantly less electricity than a central air conditioning unit.

Easy to Install

When you choose to work with us at Quinnair, we can help you decide if an evaporative cooler is the right option for you. These products are easy to install and come in a wide variety of options that we can find something ideal for your home and your family’s needs. You can use these systems to cool your entire home by placing them on the roof of your home and directing the cool air down into your home. Or, if you want to cool down large living spaces or areas in your home, you may consider products that can be installed in a window or even through the wall.

Let us help with Maintenance

To ensure you receive the most effective cooling systems, swamp coolers must be regularly inspected and maintained. These products require regular exterior cleanings as well as replacing the cooling pads and cleaning out the water tank. To make sure your system is ready for the summer months, give us a call at Quinnair. A member of our team can inspect your system and make sure it is ready to keep you cool. We can also make sure any repairs are taken care of and the unit is clean before use. This will not only help the system to run more efficiently and cut down your electricity use, but it will increase the lifespan of your evaporative cooler.

If you are ready for an enjoyable and comfortable summer, give us a call at Quinnair. We use only the best products, such as a Breezair or Aerocool, and can help you determine the exact product for your home. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let’s make sure you are ready for those hot Colorado summers.