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Mini-Split Systems

If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to cool your home during those hot summer days, a mini-split system is worth your consideration. These products, which are also known as ductless air conditioning units, create a cool and comfortable environment and are becoming more popular in homes in the Colorado area each year.

Why Mini-Split Systems?

Mini-split systems actually have many similarities to central air conditioning units. These systems both feature outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit features a compressor, while the indoor unit blows the air into the room and features the evaporator coil.

Space Saver

When you choose this type of system, you can place them strategically throughout your home to provide you with the most efficient results. You can place them high on the ceiling, which is out of sight, or near your floor, allowing you to save space. When you work with us at Quinnair, we can help you determine the best mini-split systems for your needs and where to install them in your home to ensure you have a comfortable and cool summer. We use only the best brands such as Daikin in our customer’s homes.

Energy Efficient

Many homeowners are turning to these systems to cool their house because of their energy-efficient design. Because they are ductless, you don’t lose energy like similar units when the cool air travels through the ducts. Plus, most products boast numerous features to make cooling your home extremely simple. We can install products in your home with remote controls and programmable timers, making it easy to turn these units on and off. Many products also allow you to adjust how much air you wish to come through the system, so you don’t need to use more energy than is necessary.

Let us help with Maintenance

To keep your ductless air conditioning unit running efficiently, regular maintenance is essential. These products can require more maintenance and upkeep than other air conditioning units and it is imperative you make it a priority. Regular maintenance can help these products last longer and keep your costs down. When the system is working at its best, it keeps your cooling costs low. A few maintenance tasks that should be completed include washing the system’s filter. It is recommended this task is performed at least once a month. You may also need a professional cleaning and inspection to make sure everything with the unit is in working order. At Quinnair we can conduct this inspection for you and make any needed repairs. We are ready to help you be comfortable all summer long.

You deserve to have a summer that is enjoyable, relaxing, and cool. With the right air conditioning unit in your home, this can happen. Give us a call at Quinnair and let’s find the right air conditioning unit for you. Then, you can just sit back and relax as we take care of the installation process as well as your maintenance and repairs. We can do all the hard work and you can simply enjoy the cool and comfortable air.