navien tankless water heater

On-Demand Water Heater

When you need hot water, whether for a shower, washing dishes, or running a cycle on your washing machine, you don’t want to wait for your water supply to heat up. You need hot water right away. On-demand water heaters make that possible, and when working with Quinnair, we can give you the best products and services available.

Why Choose a Tankless Water Heater?

On-demand water heaters, also known as tankless water heaters, are becoming increasingly popular in many homes in Colorado and around the United States due to their energy-efficient features. Instead of filling up a tank of water and heating it, which requires an extensive amount of energy, you only heat the necessary amount of water. Additionally, the water you need is heated using gas or electricity. A gas system is particularly beneficial because it will heat the water much faster than an electric product.

Space Savers

There are many reasons why homeowners are installing tankless water heaters in their homes, with one of the largest being their small size. With tank systems, you must dedicate an entire closet or corner of a room to these systems. Tankless options are much smaller and they don’t require as much equipment as a full tank system. However, depending on your home’s electrical system and pipes, there may be some additional work required to install this type of unit in your home.

Energy Efficient

While on-demand water heaters require much larger upfront costs than traditional water heaters, they can save you money every month due to their energy-efficient features. This is because these products don’t store water in the tank, meaning they don’t work as hard as other water heater systems. Furthermore, these units have a much longer lifespan than other options. They can typically last up to 20 or more years depending on regular maintenance and repair work, which is almost double the lifespan of a traditional tank water heater.

Call Now to Upgrade

If you are ready to upgrade your current water heater to an on-demand system that is more energy-efficient and cost-friendly, schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Quinnair. We can help you choose the right system for your needs and expertly install it in your home. When you work with us, we use only the best products and popular brands such as Navien, to make sure you have the best and most efficient system available, without ever compromising quality.

In addition, we know how important hot water is in your home and for many of your day-to-day functions. That is why regular maintenance and repairs are necessary for your tankless water system. Call us today to help you maintain your on-demand water heater with ease. You need to ensure the maintenance and repairs are done correctly to prevent any further damage to your system and to ensure you receive the most effective and efficient results. With help from Quinnair, we can make sure you have the hot water you need in your home and a little extra savings in your pocket as well.