tank water heater

Tank Water Heater

When it comes to heating the water in your home, you want to choose the most budget-friendly and energy-efficient products possible. Many homeowners look for tankless products, as they are known for their energy-efficient features. However, this option may not always be best for all homes. A tank water heater is certainly an option that should be at the top of your list.

We’ll help you choose the right size

At Quinnair, we can install, repair, and maintain tank water heaters for your home. With the right product, you will no longer have to dread a cold shower or run out of warm water for washing dishes. These products vary by size but many tanks can hold up to 50 gallons of water, which is ideal for families with four to five individuals. However, not all products are this large and some tank water heaters are as small as 26 to 30 gallons in size, which is ideal for households with two to three individuals.

Cost Effective

Many homeowners opt for this traditional water heater due to its low upfront costs. While tankless water heaters can cost you several thousands of dollars, a tank system is only several hundred dollars. With this option, you also have water available to you at all times. Even in a power outage or an emergency, you have water sitting in the tank and ready for you. Plus, a tank water heater can last up to 10 years — possibly longer with regular maintenance.

High-Efficiency options

There are also high-efficient tank water heaters, helping you save some money each month on your utility bills. Even better, tank water heaters are easy to install. When you work with Quinnair, a professional will install your system for you and make sure it is running properly and effectively. When systems are installed incorrectly, not only are you more prone to problems and potential repairs, but your product may be working harder, costing you even more money over time.


There are several maintenance tasks that can improve the longevity and the quality of water you receive from a tank water heater. For example, you should regularly test the temperature pressure release valve, the anode rod, and the temperature settings. Sediment can also gather in these tanks, which requires proper and regular cleaning of the tank. When you work with our professionals, we can take care of many of these maintenance tasks for you and keep your family and your hot water supply safe and running well.

If you are ready to upgrade your current water heater, don’t delay and schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and trained staff members. We make sure you only receive the highest-quality equipment and products, such as Brandford White tank water heaters, for your home. To make sure your system lasts for years to come, and to ensure that you receive the energy-cost savings that certain products offer, call us today. Let’s find the right product and the right equipment to help you save energy and money heating the water in your home.