Don’t Let This Happen to You …

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Life is busy and things like regular maintenance of your HVAC can easily fall to the bottom of the list.  Routine DIY care (like changing filters), periodic tune ups, and system inspections by an HVAC professional can keep your system running safely, increase its efficiency and longevity.   Recognizing risky conditions is an important value of choosing the right HVAC company.  Note this rusty flue pipe.  It may just look like an eye sore, to be solved by taping over the holes, however this is an indicator that the system has been degrading for a long period of time.

Exhaust gasses are created & vented through the flue pipes and exhausted outside the home when the furnace is heating. When your furnace isn’t burning gas as efficiently as it should or is aging, there may be more byproducts created. These byproducts have chemical reactions with your exhaust pipes and sometimes condensate, causing rust.  Holes caused by the rust could dangerously leak Carbon monoxide into the home. Having regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) done and having carbon monoxide detectors on all levels, which are close to all bedrooms, is the best way to keep you and your family safe.

To the untrained eye, it may appear the condensation issue would be causing both the rust and the water stains on the dry wall of the ceiling.  This may have been the case, however further investigation determined that the flashing on the roof was also failing, allowing snow and rain to drip down through the chase causing the drywall degradation, and a potential for mold and other water related damages.

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