Why Choose a High Efficiency Boiler?

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The popularity of high efficiency products has really increased over the past few years; understandable so, as high efficiency appliances decrease your energy consumption, which saves you money & reduces your energy footprint.  While the upfront cost of a high efficiency boiler is higher, (verses a traditional cast iron boiler) these quality products pay for themselves overtime.  There are also incentives available for installing high efficiency appliances, through Xcel Energy’s rebate program & the Federal Tax Credits currently being offered.      

Quinnair has access to a variety of high-quality brands, such as, Lochinvar, Crown, NTI, Laars & others.  Although we regularly install the NTI Brand of high efficiency Boilers, we can provide another product, if there is a specific model you are interested in.   

A key factor in preserving your boiler, is staying up with its routine maintenance.  High efficiency boilers require biennial maintenance, not only to keep the unit running smoothly at peak performance, but it will prolong the life of the boiler & give you the opportunity to catch any small issues with the system before becoming major problems down the road. For instance, an issue with the neutralizer could not only wreak havoc on your homes piping but can also cause the boiler to quit working.   

What are neutralizers and why are they important?

Neutralizers are attached to the condensation drain line & they subdue the acidic water released by the boiler system. Without a neutralizer or a properly working one, the acidic water can erode the drain line & surrounding piping.   

Acidic water eroding metal drain grate.

Did you know boilers need to be replaced every 12-15 years? 

It is vital to be aware of the age of your home water boiler. Many people do not think to verify how old their boiler is and believe eventually the unit will stop working when it is too old. However, it is very likely without maintenance and timely replacement a boiler tank will burst, due to rust build up and pressure. This can be especially bad if your home type happens to be a townhome or condo and the living space is on the second floor or higher. The boiler may burst and cause water damage for another homeowner which you would be liable for. 

Boiler burst, water spilling out onto floor.

It can become costly to have winter and spring maintenance check ups, although when Quinnair installs your water boiler, we not only are confident we can give you the best price, we additionally give a complementary service call after the install to make sure everything is running correctly and instant Excel Rebates!

Give us a call today about our high efficiency boilers!

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