What to Consider When Choosing an A/C Air Filter?

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Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your Home A/C

One of the most important maintenance tasks for A/C units is changing the air filter. A new filter will keep the unit working at its best, making your home comfortable and increasing the lifespan of your cooling device. To help you pick the right filter for your home and needs, Quinnair HVAC experts have put together a list of the most important things to consider when choosing an A/C air filter.


A/C Air Filter Types

Buying the correct size filter to fit your HVAC unit is crucial. Check out your old filter or the HVAC components or manual to find the dimensions of the filter. Another trick is to measure the grill to get the size for the height, width, and depth you will need.


When you are in the market for an A/C air filter, you will come across numerous options. Just focus on these two categories:

Disposable Filters

These types of filters last one month. You can find them at grocery and home improvement stores. They are rated for one-time use and can come with or without a deodorizing fragrance.

Washable A/C Filters

This is your environmentally-friendly filter. It lasts longer than disposable filters. Just bear in mind that you would have to clean it monthly. You can use them for several months before being replaced.

MERV Ratings

The MERV system measures the particle-trapping efficiency of air filters. It ranges from 1 to 20. For home applications, they are commonly rated 13 or less. The higher the rating number, the more effective the filtration of particles will be.

Filter Change Schedule

change a/c fitlerHow often you will need to change your filter depends on several factors like the type of filter, its efficiency, how often you run the A/C, indoor and outdoor air quality, just to mention a few. So, refer to the manufacturers recommended filter change schedule based on the filter type and the conditions of your home.

Should you need assistance to select the best air filter for your equipment or have other HVAC concerns, call Quinnair at 303-980-3788.

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