How to Dispose of Your Old Furnace

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Simple Guide to Getting Rid of Your Old Furnace

These type of heating devices are built to last at least 18 years. Whether it is powered by gas or oil, once the machine reaches the end of its lifespan, it can become a fire hazard. Getting rid of it properly will avoid any accidents. Here is a simple guide to disposing of your old furnace.

Start Cleaning the Area

Unplug the unit from the power. Remove any dust, debris, dead leaves, or any other items that do not belong inside or around the heating device. Make sure there are no water spills to avoid any accidents.

Clear a PathwayNeed to Replace Your Old Furnace

Make enough room to accommodate moving it outside. As well as room for the people carrying the furnace from where the heating device is located, to where it will be picked up and taken away.

Find a Reliable Transportation Service

Find a heating and cooling system removal service or a hazardous removal company in your local phone book. Contact the contractor and schedule a day and time to have them come and remove your furnace, if possible.

Never toss the furnace in the trash, as this type of device is considered hazardous, and most states have specific regulations.

Need to Replace Your Old Furnace?

With routine care and professional maintenance, your furnace and other HVAC devices are expected to last from ten to fifteen years. So, when the time comes to replace your malfunctioning or outdated model, give some thought not only to making room for the new unit, but also disposing of the old HVAC unit responsibly.

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