Don’t Wait Till Summer To Install Your New A/C System

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Its springtime in Colorado now, and the nip in the air is finally receding. If you need a new Residential A/C system, you must consider which time is best for installation.

Avoid This Common Installation Mistake

Each season has specific pros and cons, and these can vary depending on your needs. However, some times are more favorable than others, and that’s what you should take into consideration while making this decision.

We at QUINNAIR Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. have seen that many people believe winter is the ideal time to buy and install a new HVAC system.  But we know from experience that this is a misconception. Off-season is a far better time for this upgrade.

Why Install a New AC in Spring?

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Install a new A/C system at home and enjoy a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait till summer to install your air conditioner, such as:

  • Installing your residential AC in spring means you’ll be well-prepared for the summer heat in advance.
  • In the spring, there are far fewer buyers, and that works to your advantage. You will find better deals and save money on your purchase compared to summer when the prices of these systems increase significantly.
  • There will also be more skilled professionals available to handle the job.
  • You will enjoy better customer service.
  • During summertime, homeowners rush to look for, buy, and install new residential ACs. It means you will end up paying more for the unit and will likely have to wait longer for technicians to come in for the installation.
  • In case of an unusually warm spring, the rush will begin much sooner than you think it would. In this case, it’s best to get the air conditioner installed in early spring.
  • Summer is the time you will need your AC the most, and it’s also the time there is an increase in the cost of utilities. If you are running an old AC for a large portion of the summer months, you will end up paying more on your energy usage. It’s far better to get a headstart and install a new residential AC in spring. You’ll be set for the warmer months for many years to come while cutting costs.

It’s best to conduct some research during winter, so you have a good idea about which new HVAC system you want to invest in by springtime. Hire experts for the installation to ensure proper functioning.

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