Do You Have a Faulty A/C Compressor?

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Air Conditioning System Compressor

Along with the capacitors, the two sets of coils, the blower fan, and the motors, the compressor is the essential component of your air conditioning system. When it works correctly, the system will perform at its best, delivering your home cooled air without massive energy waste.

In simple words, the compressor makes possible the circulation of the refrigerant throughout the system.

How to Know if You Have a Faulty Compressor?

Without the compressor, your A/C unit will become a massive, expensive fan. Here are the main symptoms that will tell you if the compressor malfunctions.

Strange Noises

How to Know if You Have a Faulty CompressorIf you hear clanking, banging, screeching, or groaning sounds, this means that there is a loose part inside the compressor. Also, a refrigerant leak will cause hissing and bubbling noises. These noises are perceived when you start your air conditioner.

”Hard Starting” or Insufficient Cooling

If your A/C has difficulties when starting, turning off, or even staying operative, the compressor may be failing. Also, when this critical part of your unit is loose or worn, the air conditioning will not cool your home correctly. An electrical problem may be the culprit.

A failed compressor is typically the result of bad bearings or contacts. A bad relay will lead to an overload, which may cause your HVAC system not to turn on at all. Have your air conditioning unit regularly maintained, and schedule repairs as soon as a problem shows up to avoid costly repairs.

Need A/C Maintenance or Repair?

Quinnair in Colorado can help you with your air conditioning system. From conditioning repair to maintenance on your compressor or any other part of your HVAC system, contact us today!

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