Clever Ways to Hide an A/C Unit Outdoors

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Hiding the A/C Unit Outside Your House

The external portion of your HVAC system is necessary for its performance. It provides shelter to the compressor, condenser, cooling fins, tubes, and a fan. However, this square frame sitting outside is not often thought of as pleasing décor achievement. Check out some ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outside unit.

Plant Bushes, Shrubs or Garden Plants

A nice choice for hiding not only your A/C unit but any other things that might disrupt your landscaping is planting caladium and elephant ears. These exotic plants will grow tall enough to keep your A/C unit out of sight while giving your landscape a unique touch. If you prefer tall shrubs, they will also create more privacy for your outdoor space. Regardless of the plants you choose, do not forget to trim them whenever necessary.hiding your A/C unit

Install a Small Fence Around the Appliance

For this purpose, you can use a lattice panel or a picket fence. The panels can be installed around the cooling device and moved for snow removal or mowing. You can also surround it with a beautiful iron trellis and then, let climbing vines grow up it to create a backyard nature scene.

Put a Cover on It

You can purchase a waterproof cover at any hardware or home improvement store. There are different colors available so you can match it with your patio furniture, pool setting, or home style.

Make sure your solution allows for access to the equipment when it is time for professional residential HVAC service or repairs.

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