What is the Ideal Thermostat Temperature in Winter?

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Recommended Thermostat Settings in the Winter

Your home’s perfect temperature for your heating device should provide comfort and convenience to your indoor environment. Thermostat settings should provide you with energy savings and comfort.

One of the best ways to manage your heating system is to adjust your thermostat temperature according to your preferences, habits, and the external temperature. The closer your thermostat setting is to the temperature outside, the more you will save.

Best Temperature During Winter

If your home feels a little bit cold, run a whole-house humidifier to reduce evaporation or put on an additional layer of clothing.

And, while you are away from home, the recommended range for keeping your house comfortable is between 55-60°F.

Ideal Energy Saving Temperature During Cold Weather

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The recommended set up to get the most out of your heating device while saving energy is between sixty to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Save up to five percent on heating bills for each degree you reduce the heat within the suggested range.

Establish an Energy-Efficient Winter Heating Strategy

The best way to save on heating bills is by following a winter heating strategy that will keep your thermostat settings reasonable and your home warm. Here are a few actions you can take.

Set your thermostats at an average temperature. Once the occupants of your house get used to the colder weather, reduce the temperature in the home by 1 degree each week. By doing this, you can lower the energy bill by one percent.

Diminishing the temperature further and keeping these lower temperatures for more extended periods increment those savings, and you most probably will not notice the difference with such gradual change.

If you need further help, contact Quinnair. We can help you determine the recommended thermostat settings that offer adequate comfort for you and are sure to save you money on your utility bills. Or if you need HVAC system repair, call us at (720) 634-2313.

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