Is Your Air At Home Actually Clean?

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With the Covid-19 pandemic overshadowing the 2020 year along with the upcoming flu season, it is extremely wise for people to take preventative measures to avoid contracting viruses. Hand sanitizer has become a novelty item, ensuring all germs are killed on your hands or other surfaces. What if there was a way to sanitize the air in your home as well? This would kill any airborne virus particles in your home, creating another barrier between Coronavirus and your family.

Why You Need an Air Purifier

In an article written by the EPA “What are biological pollutants, how do they affect indoor air quality?”, it explains numerous contagious diseases can be spread through air.

“Mold, dust mites, pet dander, and pest droppings can trigger asthma. Biological contaminants, including molds and pollens can cause allergic reactions for a significant portion of the population. Tuberculosis, measles, staphylococcus infections, Legionella and influenza (the flu) are known to be transmitted by air.


These diseases can also be traced to microorganisms that grow in home heating and cooling systems and humidifiers. Children, elderly people, and people with breathing problems, allergies, and lung diseases are particularly susceptible to disease-causing biological agents in the indoor air.”

Types of Purifiers

Quinnair highly encourages all customers to consider installing a Reme-Halo LED, APCO air purifier, or an I-Wave purifier. All three purifiers work to clean and filter every cubic inch of air in the home rather than only filtering the air in one room. These purifiers are commonly used in Hospitals, Schools, and Nursing Homes.

Reme-Halo LED and APCO air purifiers work by being installed to the current furnace or AC blower. Each time the fan turns on to blow air into the home, these purifiers turn on and the Ultra-Violet light sanitizes the air before the air circulates the home. The iWave purifier is very similar in the sense it is installed inside HVAC equipment and turns on each time the unit is blowing air.

Not to mention, the Reme Halo LED is Quinnair’s personal favorite. The purifier lasts longer than ever, previous models only lasted 3 years, but the Reme Halo LED lasts for 5 years and then will only need the LED bulb replaced.

We’re currently running a special to install all Reme Halo LEDs for only $980! Our competitors will charge you $1,100-1,375!


The iWave does not have a UV light, rather it releases positive and negative ions into the air that will latch onto air pollutants and ultimately cause these pollutants to be caught in the air filter. Just make sure to buy new home air filters often and have Quinnair service your iWave unit  to make sure it is running properly.

These purifiers are safe, effective, and ozone free, not to mention they will each sterilize the HVAC equipment.


We’re confident we’ll give you the best price compared to other local companies. Please give us a call today for an estimate!

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