Best Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

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Staying Cool Without Air Conditioning 

In the hottest months, it is tempting to turn on your A/C or stay all day long near a fan. But these are not the only ways of surviving summer. In this blog, our HVAC experts will share some ways to tackle the heat without raising your electricity bill.

Buy Blackout Curtains or Shades 

These fantastic accessories are meant to keep out sunlight, reducing the amount of heat accumulated inside your house. 

Use Your Home Fans

cooling options for your homeYou should take advantage of every fan in your house. Turn on your bathroom fans or the exhaust fan in your kitchen to flush out hot air. Another thing that helps to keep your home cool is making sure your ceiling fans rotate counter-clockwise. That way, they pull warm air up and away from you. 

Let the Cool Air In

Generally, during summer nights, temperatures tend to drop. Take advantage of this refreshing air by letting it in. Leave your windows open before you go to sleep. And, the next day, close the windows and blinds before the temperature rises in the morning. 

Us Fewer Appliances 

The main idea is to limit the sources of heat in your home. The kitchen is one of the main generators of heat in a household. Rather than using your hot oven, take advantage of the summer days to use your grill and cook some amazing meals for friends and family. Also, cooking food in separate appliances like in the microwave or crock pots will help to avoid generating those extra high temps. You can also opt for eating uncooked meals like salads.

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