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Residential HVAC Air Filters

The job of air filters is paramount to maintaining good air quality in your home. This important component of your HVAC removes pollutants from the air so that the air is cleaner. It also helps keep your system from overworking when cooling or heating your home, which makes you save money on utility bills. Because the filters main task is to stop dirt and dust from entering your equipment, it requires replacement. With several types of air filters on the market, it can be tricky to pick up one that is right for your unit. Listed below are some of the most common types of residential HVAC air filters.

Flat Panel Filters

Flat Panel Filters

This type of filter is a flat panel made of a fibrous material such as fiberglass, polyester or another synthetic material in a cardboard frame. They are the most affordable filters you can buy, however, they are also the least efficient. They are designed to keep bigger contaminants such as dirt, lint, pet hair, and pollen out of your HVAC system.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters

These models are designed to reach higher standards of air filtration. Most commonly found in medical facilities, automobiles, homes, and manufacturing, they can remove at least 99.97% of all contaminants in the air that measure less than 0.3 um.

Pleated Filtersimproving indoor air quality

These filters have a bent surface in an accordion-like pattern to provide a more particle-trapping surface. They are usually made of synthetic material or a cotton-polyester blend. Its particular design makes them great to remove bacteria, dust mites, mold, pet dander, and pollen. If you are concerned about improving indoor air quality, consider buying a pleated filter.

Washable Filters

You can use a washable filter for several months before disposing of it. As a result, you cut down on waste and cost. Some washable filters are also available with HEPA certification.

Which Air Filter Is Right For You?

Different filters serve different needs, depending on your homes air quality, how often you run the HVAC system, and the number of people and pets in your home. HVAC experts at Quinnair can help you determine the filter that is best for your home in Colorado. Call us at 303-980-3788.

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