Reasons Why Your HVAC Ducts Are Sweating

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What Causes Condensation on the HVAC Ducts?

Sweating ducts is the number one problem in an HVAC system during summer. Not only will this generate comfort problems, but it will waste energy since your system will have to work harder to lower the temperature in the rooms. Here are the most common causes of condensation on your cooling and heating system ducts.

  • Dirty air filters
  • Blocked ducts
  • Poor installation
  • Improperly sealed ducts
  • Excess humidity in the air
  • Lack of insulation around ducts

Ways to Solve Sweaty Ducts

The goal is to eliminate the chances for humid air to get in contact with your duct-work to avoid condensation. Here is what you can do to solve the problem.

trusted HVAC contractor in ColoradoInsulation

Make sure to insulate your ducts to R-5 when located within the building envelope and R-8 outside of it, as well as sealed to low, medium or high-pressure specifications.

Air Sealing

You are looking to get rid of cracks and gaps in the walls around your duct-work. Sealers fill those imperfections, keeping the humid air away from your duct-work.


If your duct-work is in your crawl space or your attic, install a dehumidifier to ensure the air around your duct-work stays at low humidity levels. A dehumidifier will help to eliminate condensation on duct-work and plumbing, thus enhancing indoor air quality.

Replace the Filters

One of the most effective ways to keep the air ducts clean is to replace your filters every month.

HVAC systemKeeping your home cooling unit in top condition is a priority for every homeowner, especially during the summer. Caring for your duct-work should be no exception. Also, it is essential to have a maintenance plan in place with a trusted HVAC contractor like Quinnair in Colorado.

We are your local experts to solve any problems related to your HVAC system.

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