Signs You Need to Recharge Your Home A/C

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Refilling a Home Air Conditioning Unit

If your A/C device doesn’t have the correct amount of refrigerant or is nonexistent, the unit cannot perform its primary job. This means that there is no transfer of heat. This issue should be addressed promptly; otherwise, your electrical bills will be higher during summer.

Here is how to tell you need to refill your A/C unit with refrigerant:

Vent Blowing Hot Air

When your registers or supply ducts are blowing hot air even when your cooling device is operating and your thermostat is set to “cool.” This is a red flag that your unit is in need of a recharge.

Frosty Pipes

refill your A/C unit with refrigerant

If you find a buildup of ice or frost on any part of the machine, it means that you have a leak somewhere. Normally, you will also see pipes that look quite frosty inside. So, as the refrigerant moves through the pipes, it will escape through the leak and freeze nearly anything it gets in contact with.

High Pressure in The Refrigerant Lines

If you here a bubbling or a hissing noise, this is a significant indication that your unit has a large refrigerant leak.

To find out which refrigerant to use, check the equipment’s operating guide, often found inside the air handler unit or the electrical control box. Also, check your unit’s cabinet that will have the manufacturer’s specifications. Refrigerants commonly used in fairly modern systems are R410A and R-22 (HCFC-22), sold under names like Puron and SUVA410A.

We highly recommend not doing it by yourself as the refrigerant is toxic, and breathing or ingesting it can lead to health issues. A trusted expert in the field can detect a leak and repair and recharge your system.

Need Help with Your Cooling System in Colorado?

Contact Quinnair’s HVAC experts. We can help you determine the type of refrigerant you need for your cooling system.

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