Save Money & Avoid Sweaty Nights with A/C Maintenance Tips

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Don’t Let A Broken Air Conditioner Ruin Your Summer Nights

Before summer kicks in, make sure to follow the A/C summer maintenance checklist below, to save money on electricity bills and avoid sweaty nights.

Replace Your A/C Filter

As a general rule of thumb, air conditioning filters must be replaced every 3 months while in active use. Also, you should keep debris out of the system. Starting with a clean filter will keep it doing the best job when you most need it.

Check The Thermostat

Your system should start running a few seconds after setting it on ”cool mode”. If that is not the case, it may need to be serviced. Also, it is a good idea to upgrade your existing thermostat. Nowadays, there are Wi-Fi models that allow you to gain access to the device remotely through any internet connection.

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Clean Your A/C Unit

Eliminate any debris, plants and other foreign items that may be building up over or around it. With the system turned off, use a brush to get rid of the dirt from the screens and spray the coils with a hose. For window units, use a vacuum brush to clean the coils, and gently clean the fins.

Check the Condensation Lines

It doesn’t take long before dirt, grass, leaves and other debris gets into or on top of the outside condenser unit. This will reduce airflow, forcing your system to work harder and costing you more money. Remove whatever debris you can by hand, then switch off the unit and clean it out with a plumbing snake or industrial vacuum.

Inspect the Wiring

The wiring of your heating and cooling system is critical for the device to work properly and remain safe. Turn off the device and open the access panel. If you notice any wires that look blackened or burned, immediately contact professional HVAC services to get them replaced.

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