Five Ways to Save On Air Conditioning

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Maximize the Cooling Powers of Your A/C Unit

As summer starts to kick in and the heat rises, we all look for ways to stay cool. No wonder most people turn to the air conditioner, one of the more costly, but effective ways to stay comfortable during the imperil hot days. However, there are ways to keep the costs down while maximizing the cooling powers of your A/C unit.

Buy the Right Size A/C for the Room

While an oversized A/C will cool the room down a few minutes faster, it will use more energy in the process. Also, a smaller unit in a large room will have to double its efforts to do the same job. The proper size will cool the room adequately and use just the exact amount of energy.

Cool Only The Rooms You Are In

If you have a window unit or any other type of cooling unit, turn it off if you are not inside that particular room. If you have a central air condition system in your house, try shutting the vents in the rooms you are not in. In this way, the cool air gets re-routed to the places you are using.

Clean The Air Filter Bi-Weeklyair conditioner

A filter not free of debris will make your air conditioner work harder to do its job. And this will cost you more money. It takes less than 10 minutes to extract the filter and clean it.

Raise the Temperature a Few Degrees

Each degree below 78 degrees Fahrenheit will increase energy consumption by 3-4%. That is why we highly recommend you set the air conditioner a few degrees warmer to pay less.

Use the A/C In Conjunction with a Ceiling Fanbest brands of cooling & heating equipment

When a ceiling fan assists the A/C to cool a room, you will notice that it helps to cool letting you raise the A/C a few degrees. This translates into savings in energy bills as a ceiling fan is inexpensive to operate.

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