How to Stop Humidity from Ruining Your Musical Equipment?

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Protect Your Musical Instruments from Humidity 

Whether you have to protect your piano, brass, percussion, strings, or woodwinds, any musician needs to protect their instruments from the damaging effects of humidity. All of them suffer from drastic temperature changes. High levels of moisture can cause strings and wood to warp, drum skins to dry, brass instruments to expand and shrink, and mildew to grow. To keep it safe, you want to maintain a temperature within 50-80 degrees and reduce humidity. Here is how to control the humidity level in your home to protect your musical instruments.

Air Conditioning 

Using your air conditioner to dehumidify a room is a good idea. However, this will only work during the hottest days of the year. Whether you have a central A/C or a window unit, you will be able to maintain the optimum humidity.



These devices are specially designed to remove excess humidity from a room. Just remember to empty the water that is collected from the air periodically.

Central Humidifier

If your home is equipped with a central HVAC system, you can add on a humidifier to keep your entire home at constant humidity. With one of these devices in place, you will be able to leave instruments anywhere in the house, even out of their cases, if you wish.

Portable Room Humidifier

Control the humidity levels in the room where you store your instruments. Remember to keep it clean and add water every few days or so for it to perform at its best.

As a general rule of thumb, the humidity level should be within 40 to 50 percent and temperatures between 64- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

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