Tackling Dust Mite Problems

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How Can You Control Dust Mites in Your Home?

Dust mites are little critters that feed on dead skin cells from humans and pets, so they are found most commonly in bed linens, carpets, and worn clothing. Keeping good air quality inside your house will help you reduce the risk of dust mite allergy.

Install a Dehumidifier

DehumidifierHigh humidity levels are normally not good for the air quality of your home. As summer approaches in Colorado, the humidity levels start to go up. Relative humidity levels of more than 70% encourage dust mites to invade your home. To keep them under control, you can install a dehumidifier. Whether it is a portable unit or the one integrated to your HVAC (a whole-home dehumidifier), run it to reduce the humidity level to below 50%. If you haven’t got one yet, contact a reliable HVAC contractor.

And, don’t forget to run your central air conditioner regularly during the summer to eliminate even more moisture from the air.

Good Cleaning Habits

Regular cleaning is critical to keep your indoor air quality in top condition, thus reducing dust mites. Here are some excellent cleaning habits:

  • Change or wash the filter of your A/C monthlytackle dust mites
  • Wash your pillowcases and sheets more often
  • Eliminate impurities from your carpet by vacuuming it at least three times a week
  • Use hot water to wash your linens and clothing

Run an Air Purifier

Buy an air purifier which will make dust mites life impossible. These devices will filter foreign particles out of the air, leaving the critters without a food source, and also trapping the mites themselves. Combine the power of an air purifier with a dehumidifier, and proper cleaning practices for better results.

Don’t let dust mites ruin your summer. You can drastically reduce dust mite allergies by scheduling your dehumidifier or air purifier installation with the experts from Quinnair in Colorado.

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