Things to Consider When Buying a New Gas Furnace

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What is a Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace, an appliance that heats your home, is the most economical way of keeping your house comfortable during the coldest months of the year. It has a pilot light that ignites the source gas and burners inside a combustion chamber. If you want to replace your old furnace or switch from electricity to gas to heat your home, here are a few things you need to consider before buying a new gas furnace.

Types of Gas Furnaces

Single-Stage Furnace

A single-stage furnace is the most common type of heater for residential use. It has a fixed gas valve, meaning that it will be either on and running at full capacity or off.

Two-Stage Furnace

Types of Gas FurnacesThis model comes with a two-stage gas valve and a variable-speed blower motor. With a two-stage furnace, you can adjust the flow of gas according to the heat requirement. This type of gas furnace will provide AFUE close to 90% rating.

Modulating Furnace

Modulating valves are integrated into this type of furnace, which means that you can adjust heating output between 35% to 100% of furnace capacity, continuously regulating the amount of burned fuel with the most enhanced accuracy. That means it offers maximum energy efficiency and better air distribution with better airflow.

Whichever option you are in favor of, make sure you hire a professional to install your new furnace. A furnace that is installed incorrectly will lose its energy efficiency and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, among other health issues.

gas furnace installationIf you would like to learn more about gas furnaces or would like to request a free quote for installation or replacement of your device, contact Quinnair in Colorado. We also offer electrical furnaces, and oil or propane furnaces.

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