Why You Should Install an Evaporative System At Home

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Evaporative cooling is a straightforward system that takes dry, warm air and delivers it throughout your house. It helps to maintain more comfortable indoor spaces, and you can also entertain guests in the outdoor living areas while keeping the doors and windows open.

How Do Evaporative systems Work?

These systems blast air through the house, and you can keep your house opened up rather than shutting all the doors and windows to keep all the cool air inside. It is entirely different from the reverse cycle air-conditioning systems where blinds are down, and the doors and windows are shut.

You have to remind family members to shut doors every time they move from one room to the other. An Evaporative system allows you to enjoy naturally-ventilated spaces while keeping them cool. 

Benefits of a Breezair Evaporative Cooler

indoor air quality

Keep a perfect indoor environment installing a evaporative system.

There are several advantages to using evaporative systems, such as:

  • Straightforward Working– It’s a simple yet effective system that does not need any refrigerant and doesn’t have complex engineering either. It has a simple condenser that helps to vaporize the water and cool the air. It’s more like a wet blanket and fan that helps to cool the indoor spaces.
  • Cost-Effective- Since you are only running a fan, it’s far cheaper to operate than a reverse cycle unit that has multiple systems within it. You end up spending only about 20 cents an hour against the approximately $1.20 that you spend on conventional HVAC systems. It means your energy savings on running costs are significantly lower with evaporative systems
  • Better cooling solution– These cooling systems work on green technology as they use up to 90% less electricity, as mentioned earlier. Also, no chemical refrigerants are used in them, and they work only on air and water.
  • Adds Humidity to the Air– With regards to performance, the other benefit of evaporative cooling is that these units add moisture to the indoor conditioned air, which feels incredibly comfortable, especially in regions with a drier climate. Since the air is humid, you won’t get itchy or dry skin and eyes and that adds to the comfort quotient.

Regardless of how you look at it, a Breezair evaporative cooler can be an excellent addition to your home. You get an efficient and cost-effective system that has straightforward functioning, and it also helps to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer months.

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